Hello. I’m Lisa Czarina Michaud, an American fiction writer living in France and author of coming-of-age novel Slanted and Disenchanted.

I created this newsletter as a home for all the non-fiction thoughts bouncing around my head. Anything from my life in France to the books I love to the music that' has defined me.

It’s a little of everything. And a little of nothing.

These are my musings. These are my untidy thoughts.

Welcome aboard. (Ahoy.)

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Non-fiction musings from a fiction writer in France who swears this shit makes sense in her head.


Lisa Czarina Michaud

mom in france, author of coming-of-age novel SLANTED AND DISENCHANTED (Barre Chord Press, 2021), vinyl record collector since 1994, and all-around homebody of italian-mexican origins. hello.